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"Mike's perspective on Local Marketing is refreshingly easy to implement in order to maximise results..." ~ Tamsen Garrie, The Act of Attraction

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Mike Morrison

Hey there,

I'm Mike Morrison and I'd like to welcome you to Local Profit. I created this place to help business owners to market themselves locally. About Local Profit →

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Should you target a niche or be a jack of all trades?

It’s tempting as a small business owner to chase every potential opportunity to make money. Not doing so would be crazy, right? Yet many of us eagerly say yes to every potential job that’s offered to us, whether or not it fits into the scale and the scope of our overall offering. More often than not, if… more»

Why customer satisfaction is bad for your business

When did “satisfactory” become something to strive for?  At what point did “good enough” for our customers become good enough for our businesses?  Satisfactory is sufficient, adequate, meeting minimum expectations. Say you’ve just had a little “grown up time” with your significant other; you roll over exhausted and ask “How was it for you darling?” “Satisfactory.” Nobody… more»